Mammary surgery

Mammary augmentation

Breasts of small size in proportion to the torso or hips can cause an imbalance in the figure that limit the confidence of women, determining their behavior and clothing.

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Mamary reduction

The reduction of the size of breasts surgically is called reduction mammoplasty. Only when the breasts are lifted, without significantly reducing the volume, we speak of mastopexy.

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Mammary asymmetry

Specific treatments for the reduction of the evident difference between the two breasts, both in volume and position, size of the areolas, implantation base of the breasts to the thorax, etc.

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Postmastectomy breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is part of the treatment of breast cancer, getting improvement both aesthetically and emotionaly and of recovery after oncology therapy.

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Mastopexy (breast lift)

The corrective surgery of breast ptosis is called mastopexy and aims at raising the areola and nipple, as well as getting and aesthetically correct shape and volume of the breast.

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Pathologies of the nipple or the areola

The various alterations that can suffer the nipple-areola complex, either congenitally or acquired need different treatments to each specific case.

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