Corporal lift

When a morbidly obese patient undergoes surgery to reduce his or her stomach (gastroplasty), he or she experiences a large and very rapid weight loss in the following months The same applies to the patient who loses a lot of weight quickly after dieting.


Due to the large amount of volume lost in a short time, a great difficulty of the skin is to adapt to the new volume and therefore this sags and becomes flaccid.

This sagging skin primarily affects the breasts, abdomen, thighs, arms and sometimes face.

Aesthetic surgery offers solutions to improve the physical appearance of the following patients:

  • Purchase online Cialis Soft 20 mg Mastopexy with or without implants: implants are used when the volume of the mammary gland is insufficient to form a breast with good projection once removed excess skin or when the patient prefers more volume.
  • Buy Cialis Soft 20 mg generic Abdominoplasty, after slimming it is necessary to resect excess skin from the abdominal area and strengthen internal weakness of the muscles of the area in the midline, which also allows the removal of stretch marks when they exist.
  • cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg US Brachial lifting, surgery to remove excess skin from the inside of the arms..
  • Order online Cialis Soft Thigh lift, que it allows tightening redundant skin on buttocks and thighs again.
  • generic Cialis Soft Buy Facelift, in weight loss as important as having significant sagging skin of the face and neck, giving an aged appearance.

Such interventions are also valid for patients in whom the great weight loss followed a diet and for body contouring corrections after pregnancy.